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Some people ask me why I hate women so much, or whether Iam a mysogynist/ anti-women, many think the same, but never end up asking.

I have only one thing to say to all of them, this is NOT true of me.

I realise that this inference about me was probably formed due to your superficial reading of my shares and likes in facebook and elsewhere online. If you fully read the contents I share, it’s easier to realise that I do what I do, in an attempt to highlight what popular media tries to suppress, and what gets published as exceptions here and there almost by accident, those news and articles which essentially brings out the other side of truth, the truth less told, that crime is not a product of gender, that crime is not the monopoly of the male gender, that women are not incapable of crime, that criminals are not from a specific gender, and more importantly…………… that crime is crime and should be dealt with irrespective of the gender which perpetrated it.

If at all I am anti-something, I would be anti-injustice or anti-inequality.

I have only one thing to say to all my friends, who never ended up clarifying about this subject with me …. “Iam an accused in a false Dowry(harassment, IPC 498a, since 2003, March 19th) case, but I am NOT a Misogynist!”.

To those who still have doubts…. I quote this saying “Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.”(you could also read , if you care).

Let me leave you with this thought “Do what you like doing …. aim for satisfaction in life, nothing else counts in the end!”. Join and help to promote the Men’s right portion of this wide-spectrum reforms initiative: .

It’s about time that men unite and organise against the state-sponsored crimes against them … it’s about time, that we stand up for our rights! and show the society that we can fight for our own rights too and not just be the sacrificial lambs complying to the tag of being the “Protector and Provider”.

So don’t just suffer in silence dear brothers(and sisters/mother/daughters of men!), join in while there’s still time and some chance of correction, join the comprehensive reformatory initiative, the “Maha Rally for positive change” –

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4 Responses to “Maharally: If at all we are anti-something, we are anti-injustice & anti-inequality”

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  1. Anindya Chatterjee


    July 11, 2013

    Fully support this rally…God bless all who stand for justice and equal rights irrespective of gender.
    U GUYS ROCK !!

  2. Thanks for the clarifications!. Fight for justice.

  3. congratulate to Mr.Francies velur.I fully support this rally for all aspect. Best wishes to all supporters.Lalsalam.

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